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2014 TIB 18U Team

I am the director of Player Development, Tom Siebert. I have been in professional baseball for 18 years, as a scout and coaching. This program is truly Major League Baseball at the amateur level.

All practice sessions are run like a Major League Spring Training program. This program is designed to enhance players skill sets, so they can be the best player they can be and have a chance to play a the collegiate level.

We cover every aspect of the game, from A to Z, beginning to end approach, i.e. hitting, bunting, base running, catching, pitching, along with P.F.P.S., outfield and infield play, team defense, team offense. Players have inter-squad games everyday to get players battle tested. We have put together an eye-vision training and tracking program, to help enhance hitters abilities for pitch recognition. Our players receive a Strength and Conditioning manual that is baseball specific, with speed, strength, power, flexibility phases in and out of season, with day by day routines, customized for each individual. Also stressed is Mental Skills Training Program, this is to give players confidence, and to learn to deal with failure. We offer 3 sessions a year - summer, fall and winter. Along with individual lessons on hitting and pitching that include video analysis, in order to assist with breaking down mechanics.

Team Illinois teams play a very competitive schedule in the Chicagoland area, that is highly scouted by college coaches. Championships will be a bi-product of Player Development, taught by our professional coaches and staff.

Players maybe faster, stronger, throw harder, hit better, however, this is no reason for anyone to out work you!!

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